To lift the entertainment to a higher level in terms of appearance, we work together with the best makeup artists who specialize in show make-up, grime, special effects, face and bodypaint. We also have a professional hair stylist within our team.


At large events, the CRSTL Event Entertainment staff is always present in the changing room to help the entertainers with the costumes and store it neatly for the smooth running of the day / evening / night. These assistants ensure that the planning is pursued and backstage everything runs smoothly. Our team has a "positive vibe" so that it is fun behind the scenes and the entertainers have fun in what they do and also radiate this :-)

Thanks to the extra care we spend on the styling, photographers and videographers can shoot high-quality photos and video material in accordance with photographers, which you can use for advertising purposes, such as aftermovies, teasers or advertising campaigns on social media.