To ensure that the entertainment at an event, with or without multiple stages / areas, runs smoothly, we offer entertainment management. During the preparation of the event we discuss everything with the organization to make the entertainment as good and beautiful as possible. Stages, lighting, quality and safety are matters that are discussed here.


We make an entertainment plan with pictures of the styling and a timetable adapted to the line up. On the day itself, the CRSTL Event Entertainment team ensures that the timetable is respected. We coordinate the times of the shows with the internship managers, the lightjockey, security, the photographers and videographers. We provide good guidance to the stage and safety of all entertainers. In addition, the show times for all entertainment are kept by CRSTL Event Entertainment employees. In short, we ensure that everything runs smoothly and we get the most out of the entertainment. Both on the day / evening itself and after the event.

Professional images are important for aftermovies and photos of your event. By creating high quality entertainment you create useful film and photo material for promotional purposes. Styling and make-up is therefore worth the investment.

From 6 entertainers or acts, we provide standard entertainment management from the preparation. This includes entertainment and styling plan and entertainment manager on the day itself. E-mail us for price information.